Flannelette Square

>> Sunday, July 03, 2011

HOW ARE YOU ROCKSTARS? I MISS YOU! okay okay, this is such an instant post after my last post from last one week already.(what? *my bad) But seriously after got so stess+ing week with Reza's blog design maintenance, i don't even know from where i must continue my own blog. Too Its must be many photos already took but no time to post here.

Nah! Today the weather was strange here, uhm its sunny but cold wind also, such my summer was fake in a week. So, my uniform for work (in holiday) should change a bit. A flannelette shirt became my choice for layering my basic white tee to reduce the uber cold wind but also my sweaty stress+ing day. Then? Strange weather, strange outfit (especially for my office mate who's they saw me in a T-shirt often more) but please guys, tell me that i'm not in a wrong outfit. =p Happy Sunday all!

Basic white tees from Polo, Flannelette Shirt from Magma, Watch from Calvin Klein