Five Minutes with Me?

>> Friday, June 24, 2011

AFTER HAVE SUCH A HOLIDAY ON WEEK DAY. And it was a tons of inbox in my email, but over of all, one of my flagged (that's what i did to mark which email need to follow up) inbox is pay my attention (a lot) . I know its must be a big sins for me to forgot this but i think that never be late to tell ya'll about this. Do you want to know? oh come on! i can't hear you? Okay, so you want to know right? hihihi but first, give me a drum rolls please..

Three, two, one and ,.. Daraaaa! Thank you so much for my dearest Sherley from for the very special interview hunny. "Five Minutes with Beny Ricardo" yes! you can check d'interview here. and OMG i'm so flattered! FYI : she is a tumblr blogger which its been long time there, and her blog was super interesting because of her capability to ask (interview) who's she called undiscovered-talents (well okay, i'm IN) in fashion of course but design and art also. Couple month ready, she made a bright full decision to move from tumblr to blogspot. And she look's became the next promising blogger ( you heard it Vogue?).

So much fun and interesting yet to answer all question she asked to me. Kinda good journalist girl who re-check my grammar also ahaha =p ( thank youh >_< ) and much much love hunny. Then? Vogue? Elle? GQ? or someone else? =p But trust me, five minutes is does't enough, i pretty sure. isn't Sherley?