Welcome Dream Star!

>> Monday, June 20, 2011

MEET MY NEW FRIENDS OF FRIEND BFF'S "DREAM STAR"! And what an honor to make a project for kinda rising Boyband like them (of course!) it was no single releases yet, but their fb fan's page will be hits 1000 more "Starlight" (call sigh for their fans) soon!!! Trust Me! After the million number of Boyband fever in a couples month, so i think there is not impossible for them i bet. *eheheh

Nah! I know guys, especially you girls, you must be curious as me and couldn't wonder how many "Starlight" will be? When their singles (which it on mixing process) already release, it could 1 million? Yes i bet! ( omg again?) Good! After Ino shown me several pieces of rhythm of their songs and i automatically wanna dance ya! YES! i've heard it 1st =p. "Yaiii its such a great beat dude!" i said to Ino. So could you guess what's on my mind? "Such a-must-on-my-playlist song \m/''.

It was so much fun to work within even i've skyping with them for meets ahaha, thanks for my Bff Ino for gave me this challenge-full challenge after our "Inocent" project last couples month. And now, lemme show you my beloved readers. This is my one creation with Dream Star, "a welcome facebook fans page tab". You could check it here. And of course, please leave kinda suggestions and constructive criticism on comment below to make me move forward and even more. Me, my self and moi would be appreciate it guys ;-)

Last but not least. Always an exciting cooperation with ya'll Dream Star. Wish you're all got your platinum, (amen) successful as you've done ever and even more. Till the next project ya! Seriously can't wait for your singles FULL STOP