Dinner With My 2nd Family

>> Sunday, July 10, 2011

SO SORRY FOR PHOTOS FLOODING SUPERSTARS! There's no plan before (as usual) i have to meets my bff Ino, who one of (Dream Star's) vocalist for very fast dinner with two bff's others that i called "the sweetest couple (Reza & randy) after our such a rush week, finally!

I just missing them ( Reza, Ino, & Randy) so so much. Got a big smile on my face when on my after hours from my office and with my strange uniform, (remember?) i got a sms from Ino that we must celebrate the our last successful project, not sure too meet Reza but she told us that we may come to her dating time ahaha. That's what i call my girl Reza, she's always love to share happiness to her friends not excepted on her dating.

Well, after this i might not meet them for one month or even more, caused our occupation each other. I'll go on my other project, Ino would be busy with his promotion album also, and what about you Reza? Married? hehe. Its hard to find kinda 2nd family like all of you guys. But we must believe there is no matter where u are, surely we'll always have a family called friend's ;-)

Till the next post superstars!