I'll be Back!

>> Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Dear all my lovely readers and also my friends, i'm so sorry for lack of post (and for a long time) i've escaping for blogging world. No i'm not die, or what so called tired of all these, but to be honest to say that i need to more focus on all i've done on my own offline relationship and bussiness. Yaiph on fact, its so difficult to manage my own time, even i want to blog so bad, but yah.. traffic jam, meeting, and some photoshoot project was killing me softly. Thanks and smooch for all of you who stay and keep in touch with me on facebook and twitter all this time, well, both of these social media is my best way to intant-ly connect to the civilization! + you!
promise i'll be back with new post, new photos and story soon, Oh God,.. its a tons of photo that i can't wait to share with,.. till the next post rockstars!