You Got My Hype! Guy's, You're so Inspiring...

>> Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Image Courtesy You Got My Hype from Lookbook.Nu

Whoohahh.. feel like wake up from thousand years, "You Got My Hype" post is back for you Boo. Sorry for lost this post, especially for you guys who send me a ton's of E-mail that request for this post back, thank you! for remind me. On fact i'm not intended to eliminate this post ( i pretty sure) it's caused i've already collect all my hype to my tumblr blog, check on right above banner on this blog or give simply click here. See? i heard you guys, i just made it simple and better in tumblr, so it's feel streaming, when someone got my Hype, you'll see it first on my tumblr, and you could spread some comments there too, with the source to LB members page that i've Hyped. Good idea isn't?

And, .. what the SUPER F-People above? I really heart them, and hope you also, as you knew ("uhm") it was so hard to get one of my "HYPE" (LOL). Kiddin', well it's just reflex motion, between my eyes and finger, when i saw such of my taste in a looks, i'll click Hype button then, and it's didn't need a second, they are just few of the many victims from my click, COME ON!!! check another look's that got my HYPE, hope you inspired. And anyway.. i think enough for confirmation about this issue, and i must prepare for my saturdaynite, well' i think i'm in love again, thanks for your attention, your comments, your ton's of emails, i really need more love from you guys, and Do not forget to tell me about your Saturday night! and it's a must, promise? okay? Love ya all *smooch