Run Devil Run, Devil Run Run,..

>> Thursday, August 19, 2010

Music by SNSD "Run Devil Run", Photo by skyhopper

Me : Why must be short?
Bestie : "Well", it's gonna be seems when you wore the heels baby Ben.. " (she looked right at me)

Me : Heels??? (curious emoticon)
Bestie : (sigh) "look!" (holding my head and stared at me with a serious face) "I wear heels because I want to look taller and stairs, plus super mini short? it will be make the effect become stepladder PERFECT FAB!", (space and quiet) and... the Devil... is Born..... "(she looked at her reflection to the mirror)

Me : (dazzled and speechless)
Bestie : Hey!" (patted my shoulder) Come on!" i'm ready for my Starbuck's now, you'll treat me right?
Me : what????? ..$*&%R^^*^%$#%

Where : My Bestie Mira's sweet room, When : Preparing for Hanging Out