Touch My Heart..

>> Friday, August 06, 2010

Photo by Andhini Paramitha, Editing by Me, in this pict Gigih Naoval Seno Aji, Music "Touch My Heart" Ost. Superstar
It's week end..., and as usual, i've to say "welcome home" for all my partner in crime (read Bff's), welcome to relax zone after so pressured time a week at campus and one of them is Gino, (that the way i call him). Anyway his photos have posted on my blog a lot before, one of my fave own models. But sometimes, he made me stunned when he handed over a thousand photos to be edited by me *sigh. It's okay, at least he allow me to post his photo here, hihih. I didn't know for sure what kinda style of him, but i really adore his personal style and his personal also, charming and let some complicated become easy around him. Korean Style i guess, or what do you think? But wait! there something weird about him this weekend, he recommend me for Thailand movie, YES! Thailand movie! whereas he offers me some animation movies more, in general. So it successfully made me curious, what and why this film so special for him? "SUPERSTAR" it's the title, or it might known as "SUPERHAB". In summary this film told to us, there is people in world with all the advantages and disadvantages, and we should be grateful for what we have, just believe guys, YOU ARE SPECIAL! interest with this film? just search on youtube, you could find d' original soundtrack and trailer, trust me, the film is so inspire, especially for you who need some recharging in brotherhood. Well, i think enough for this weekend post, i should edit another photo and project, And... i heard Gino has been knocking on the door, i won't let him waiting so far...haha..

PS : about the shoes he wore in this pict, FYI : as a brother we often lend each other and exchange our stuff, so we can more often have a different look's haha