Street Style Selection #August, Fresh and Various...

>> Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dear all, so sorry before, for late Street style selection for August, and thanks for all of you, who support me at previous post, i'm so appreciate and sincere hugs for all of you guys. Okay, lets begin, what i've got for you for this month? These here are! "Fresh and Various" start from the simply crop Kasia Struss's tee (i guess), beautiful peacock color, till the elf woman from all the preety birds, oh i'm so confused to pick which one is my fave, i know you'll be curious as me, but i curious more about your choice, come on! i wanna hear from you :)
image credits : on 1st. collage via Jak n Jill, Altamira, and Hanneli, on 2nd. collage via Jak n Jil, Facehunter, and The Sartorialist, on 3rd. collage via All The Pretty Birds, Altamira, and Don't Shoe me, on 4th. collage via All The Pretty Birds, Facehunter, and The Sartorialist, on 5th. collage via The Sartorialist, All The Pretty Birds, and Facehunter