Must Order On Your Lunchy Today "Sup Buah"

>> Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Image Stolen from Marz lie Blackberriiieeh =p

Tired with your heels a long day? Or Gettin' stuck on the un-friend-full dry (and jam) roads? So this must be your top list for your lunch today! Ladies and Gentleman, here welcome, the most fave refreshing and color full taste beverage, this-is-it! "Sup Buah". Don't know, but this super summer weather completely remind me about this beverage, which on fact i taste it first on my b'day party, whereas you could buy this on almost all roadside in Indonesia but if you want something different, why not you try "Sup Buah" at Bale Raos? which it, what i call the real refreshing and most completely mixed fruit "Sup buah" in da world. And whats made its different between average "Sup Buah" is.. the milk was so viscous and the finishing fresh jumbo grapes topping! besides its only cost for 10k IDR!!! what a great deal with the beautiful tropical rice field and villages? (and this is low carb!note!) . SUPERB! oh Gawwwwwwdeezzz just want be there this afternoon! How about you gurl?? whats ur fave beverage for lunchy? anyone there?