Sushi and The City

>> Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's hard being single in Manhattan, so people, lemme introduce my super FAB bff,.. Samantha Jones, Charlotte York Goldenblatt, the twenty something and single! hahaahh i Kid you! i kid you! i kid you! =p

I really have a very delicious and fabulous valentine night with Marz and Rere. And its lil a complicated nite when we've confused to decide where we go tonite? But finally We arrived at something Japanese Resto which we believe it won't make us bore with the Sushi menu, yaii high protein and low carbo, hihih. Talk about job, love, and gossip + ing, and even a secret. Hmmmm *sigh have you ever feel this comfy? a Space that you could fogeting about your boyfie and dateline? also share a crush with your team work at office? =p

So here we go gurl, what about your valentine? its must be your most romantic momment ever i guess. But, it was another story of me, Rere and Marz. Single? no! no! we are nat! Just wondering if you have such a LDR a.k.a Long Distance Relationship. Nothing better than make such so much fun and endless lovable conversation with our lovevable person isn't? and yes, sometimes i miss my fams and that's we call boyfie, baby or d'others call sign for your own. But i always believe that ''one'' we'd love is always surround us, or just make your own "family"
called "friendship" :-)