Attention, Do not Blink please!

>> Friday, February 18, 2011

Video & Soundtrack Composed by Nathan a.k.a ("friendly Ghost")

YES! DO NOT BLINK PUHLEASE! caused you would be inside this cool short opening clip with the pictures of "all our dream-team-first-and-selected users "! yaiiiiiy! i love the way they said ^_^ and as i said "do not blink please" cause i don't want you gonna miss each photo of me and 199 friends on blogsphere who selected as the first leader user of the very fresh, newest and would be the next greatest and coolest fashion source in the world, please welcome, here is "Enstyle".

The network of real people who wish to express their unique taste in fashion, while being inspired by other people's creativity. Based on Facebook Apps, you could be have a lot numbers of people who interest in fashion which would be "likes" your taste, your look and your passion. Just wondering 500 million people all over the world will know it too. As we know, everyone could be famous in internet, on their way, and this is, could be your way! become the one! become hot! become the Muse! become the HYPE! *eh, Become your self!

Do not forget, and write this on your notes guys! The big launch day is set to this Monday! (That's February 21st, at 9:00 AM EST). Check to the apps link above. And join with us! I'll be waiting you there, and Let's Puhlay!!!! Thanks to Enstyle for this honor, i'm so appreciate. And you guys! Once again, do not forget for join! okay? YES! "good!" Ah yah check the credits, you may also include! click
PS : also don't forget to join the community here ;)