Sweet Disposition...

>> Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Song by The Temper Trap "Sweet Disposition"
It's hard for me to upload and write this post because i'm not in!!!! hahaha, but yes! sometime,.. i feel i'm such a photo bitch., capturing and collect my friends or strangers another friends else, just because they're too cool to skip. I'm addicted to all of them, who have spontan but inspected yet fashion role. But sorry i'm not kinda DSLR boy for now guys, just walk, and looking around, grope my pocket and found my camera phone for capture d " F - People" then. The question for me is... "did i need to buy a DSLR? due i'm blogging?" but nat, i'm not a photograper, or kinda expert street style blogger, moreover... my blog is lifestyle blog no? so please, don't judge me for "LoRez" photos starting from my post yesterday. Well, just wait till i have a DSLR my self, i won't let you see "LoRez' photos on my blog anymore, *we'll see =p

"Heyyyy,, enough for curcol+ing too much shared your mind ben... Let's back to bussines!!!". Well, okay guys, those photos above taken from our extend schedule hangout time at Paragon Mall, and most of it taken at basement. As you know from the uninsteresting interlude on 1st paragraph, I chose to be a photo bitch than became a model, still sweet disposition isn't?