Endless Night, Sleepless Day..

>> Monday, January 03, 2011

Welcome Two Zero Double One!!!!! Alright, alright, may be this gonna be late, but this is still my first post in 2011 no? Long holidays and i just spend my best time with my best friends, enjoying the NYE Party Festival at my town square till the endless night, road to amazing 2011. I can't believe that we went there without a planning before, Yes just call by call and chat by chat and we meets then! Traffic Jam everywhere, light, smoke but we never give up try to pass all the super crawded road, Wow you can't believe everyone being crazy with the Car Horn but what about us? "Just lets the wheels stay there, come on guys, its better walking down the streets to night" @rezade said to us, well its gonna be another treats after a big bucket of junk food, yaiiii that is us, junk lover,....... (do not try this!) hahahaha, more photos after the jump but..... be ware! there is no hires photos, no glam glam outfits, and heels! yes! the Kid wanna have fun too =P
PS : 1. thank you for @antocups for the treats, congratz for your new job!!!!! and sorry for readers, this photos just taken by my phone camera and @marzcheese too *smoooch for all ^^
2. Hmmphhh it hard to start work at firsday daywork, sleepless after this madnight *sigh
3. Song from Katty Perry "Fire Work" Play for the feel guys ^^