Get Serious, MOD (Me Off Duty)

>> Wednesday, December 01, 2010

1. View from our seats of 5th floor Paragon Mall, Our second home after work a.k.a MOD (me off duty) =p
2. My Partner in Crime, Ino who always ready for camera even he's talk on phone
3. Me, what a luck guy i am, i've seat which its the most light full off all =p
4. My partner in Crime Marz, alaways kinda busy with his phone and Wifi even after duty

Welcome December!!! and welcome to my new domain guys!!! ^__^ . YES! a new domain! can you believe it??? after one year something month blogging, finally i got my own domain for my lovely blog., especially for you, hope you (gulrs/guys) getting easier to access my blog then =). Just type on your browser an ENTER!. Its HARD, i pretty sure, because this is not which have many employers to update all content inside, i build my blog my self, ask one by one who expert in web design, and learn from the internet it self, and BIG THANKS to all of you guys my UBER FABULOUS READERS! also my partner in crime @rezade @inodochy @marzcheese and @adjienprasetya who always support me (halah)

And thanks to "you" (who buy my 1st), okay, you have a great instinct that the domain will be huge site but buy its from you with a huge cost too???? Absolutely NAAAAT! #trims (search the hastag on twitter, believe you'll get some fun tweets =)) Well everyone know that i blog first, and a domain then, fine... i think not too bad right? (cheers me up for this case please T-T )

Above are photos taken after me and my Partners in Crime off duty, and as usual at our other second home on 5th floor on Paragon Mall, its must be Robuchen (or Robuchon) *we have debate about the name marz hahaha, so guys, please excuse me for low res photos and also expired face (caused after office our, stress and our face become ugly then) we love this place, caused the view, delicious food and beverage, and a lot of free wifi ! don't judge us if we spend a thousands hour here after duty, this place is to cool to skip, hahah

And now is time for us (me and my partners in crime) to enjoy the food and make some fun conference, Have a GUHREAT December all i love youuu.....

PS : Wanna Join with us? just come here at 5th floor Paragon Mall Semarang, almost everyday we spend our after hour time here *wink