Street Style Selection #Nov, "Only Girl in The World"

>> Monday, November 29, 2010

song by Rihana "Only Girl" (in the world)

Hello! Late Street Style again for this month, i'm so sorry girls, (oh come on Ben, when you ever made this one on time?) *sigh. But its okay, you can believe me that i do my best girls, especially for this month selection. It's sounds unfair may be but YES! it was so hard to find Great Guy (with a great and smart style) for this November. So i think this is the time, after you realize that you need more than diamonds and flowers except Lanvin. Yah, it's your show time! and you must be make it sure no guy looks in my selection, (and this not even a discriminate) but my attention was just focused on you, "Only Girl in The World" (spell this sentences load and clearly)

And talk about my favorite of all the best "Girl in The World" above. I just confused with the 2nd photo, between Garance and The very Serious Little Girl. Checkout on their shoes then, which one inspiring the other one? Garance? or The Little Girl? But i believe they both are just have a great taste and inspiring us as well, or just say the girl is captured by Scott who inspired by Garance? haha just saying.. .. and what about yours??? Which one your favorite? i wanna hear from you. But wait!!!! There is more here click
Image credits : The Sartorialist, All The Pretty Birds, Hanneli, Altamira (MOD), Facehunter, StockHolm Streetstyle
PS : Play The Music for raise the moods ^^