I can't believe these is Daman Issue,

>> Friday, November 05, 2010

Happy Friday guys, how are you? just start up today with turning on my PC, and as usual i never getting tired of this rain morning. It's what i call a Nu challenge! Self motivate yay!!! to be honest i want stay on my bed for more thousand dollars time anyway, Ah yah, above is some of my favorite pieces from DAMAN magz Issue, with Chad white on second image, (i dunno who's on the first pict anyway, do you?) my bestie @marzcheese suggest me for this magz last nite, and i believe that he know my taste very well. As you knew, there is a numbers of my fave Indonesian Magz on L.O.V.E and i'll put Daman magz there too. Glam, and not too much, the way they show the content is straight to be urban style yet. It's similiar with Suave Magz but lil bit Glam inside! i'm so excited, especially this Issue, you know what? They Do Scott Taste here, yes i though, and they got it! for last (but not least) thanks for @marzcheese for suggest this Magz, and hope DAMAN magz don't need too long time for gettin back! i can't wait to see newest Issue from you online, yes, online.. saved my money, save papers, save energy, and Love earth, *the old guy asked to mee =P