And The Backstage...

>> Monday, November 08, 2010

Wecome to the Backstage..... hahah i kid you, i kid you i kid you ... ^^v, this is some photos from my favorite hair and beauty center rooms. You know, i feel like the most primitive human on earth caused i've not cut my hair for a month ready. It was a BIG sin! And what a perfect barber time when my bestie @marzcheese took me out on Satnite. So here is, we spend our satnite for repairing our hairstyles and a treatment for skin. hahah too much for a guy like us? Well i don't think so, the original and masterpiece is even more than an primary assets. If the hair, body, and our skin maintained, we don't need too much in cloths and make up then =).

And the "Plus" is.. It was a photo session for their pre-wedding make up advertisement. What an amazing! I don't think so far, "Let's take a capt!" that i said to Marz, Who is trapped in a wedding tuxedo hahahah. They need a male model urgent, and fortunate him to have the models measurement, although he even not comfortable with the tuxedo anyway, =p