A Pieces of Batik...

>> Monday, October 04, 2010

Batik Days? ahahah... Nat!!!! above is a pieces of my reunion Junior High School Photos, and don't judge me please, i know that i looks like "Bapak - Bapak", Well, it was so hard to find such a casual daily Batik dress(?) for men(?) here *eh. To be Honest, i'm seriously jealous with Marz's own design batik shirt., looks like stewardess indeed, but at least he's success became Stand Out in a Crowd list there.

And talk about jealous, why it was easy for us to find a unique pieces of Batik for Girl or Woman? in other way, it's need a hard work even an ideas (and time!) for men to made his own unique Batik cloths? Ah yai!, need an inspirations about how to wear Batik in daily activities? visit Michelle's blog! She's do it very great. Trust me *wink