Night Flash...

>> Monday, September 06, 2010

Photography by my partner in crime Udin, Talent : Gigih Naufal Seno Adji, Editing by Me

It was so an exhausting night, just wonder, 4 Gb memory card, and 647 of photos must be edited by me, *sigh. But It's okay, i do Loooooooove my Job. At least, I should finish it at home, so i could enchant some dateline became a very good time in my room, such playing my favorite song from Homogenic, the songs brought my mood back then =).

And do you belive? the photos above is taken by a new (from stores) Udin's Canon DSLR camera, YES it's so newWWW!, and the photos is a test drive result! Good things that i didn't miss this photos between my thousands folders, and can't believe that Udin do it well as beginner, it's mean one day i must ask him to capture my self =p. Also proud of Ino, he always have a daily stylist outfit, so if we need emergency model, he is a "must pick up" list for us (xoxo). Ah yeah, for you my beloved reader who suggest me to invite Ino on LookBook, thanks guys, i've already invite him, and you can check his new LB account here, Lets made him HOT by your HYPE.

Well peep's enough for now, i must back to my Job, it was mid nite and i think i should switch off my flash room lamp, bad things that my phone still ringing, some strange number calling me lately, so annoying *thinking about buy a new sim card. .. see yaaa *smooch [music playin' "wrong number" by DBSK]