A Break Please...

>> Friday, September 17, 2010

I really want to say that "I Miss You..!!!!!" my beloved readers, and so you are guys, who have very first time stumbled here, it was a long time don't have date with my blog. Well, hope you understand, i've celebrate Eid Mubarak with my family, so there is no time for bloggin even for switch on my compy *sigh (and this happened even on my work). And still can't find a reason to stopping eat tons of cookies, and snack's, Hmmph hope there is my fave gym open on Eid Mubarak.

But "what an Irony???" that i do really enjoy the celebration even it was draining lot of my energy, Yaii!! why not pep's??" caused only on this moment i've got a chance for cooking with my beloved mom, make some cookies, and another joy of cuddling to her along day.. it was so precious time. Although i'm tween now, but sometimes ( i meant almost) i just became a kid for her. And the super busy day is begin....

Start from praying, a visits to relatives and fams, cookies, cookies again, and again, delicious drink follow then, wooot wooot, i feel like in cookies heaven. Next, catch my memories from Junior High School, YESS!! it's my reunion with my very old friends from JHS, can you believe it?

And what a good day after done my hard week, i've very quality time with my second family, i mean,... you know, sometime we can make our own family, which they always stand by for you in happy even if you're in trouble, YES i call them as "My Partner in Crime" my Bff's my VIP best friends, or may be you have a special call sign for your own BFF's???? any?? We spend our time at our fave Mall, and we just doin' more than Oprah's talk show, all story, happy and sad, all we share together, relax, and no secrets, (and shopping ritual is a must to do list ) ,only with them i've got real laughing. Wel,l it was perfect break time with my friends, you guys also need a break time also, i pretty sure, caused it works for me. After a long busiest week, everyone need a break time, it's true. Sorry for d' image quality, some photos will be post soon, stay tuned.. =)

PS : you can follow all my Bff's twitter @rezade @marzcheese @adjienprasetya @inodochy , hope you'll find lot of fun .