>> Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Meet my online BFF, Sammuel Boux (or i usually call him "Sammie"). He is a 21 years old male model. And uhhmm.. why must him gotta posted here? Okay, you can call me crazy or kinda blah blah blah but YES! I have to thank Arvie that have made me jealous in, because he stole the start and first became acquainted with Sammie T-T. ssssshhh Back! why must him gotta posted here? Just Believe me, he's kinda helpful, wise, friendly and (the bonus) he's absolutely hawt!and Gorgeous. Can you see hunny?
Though just an online friend on Facebook. but he's always there if I need someone to share, inspiring, and often advised me and (*STOP). Even he who introduced me to the site. The another Good news, he is french-canadian *but i hope he's Egypt - Germany =) and... want to know him more??? give me your Click
in addition he was a model, he is also a musician, almost all of his song are acoustic, and i've download all of his song for bedtime. FYI : you can also request your favorite song to be an acoustic version by him. (sorry Sam, you'll got a lot request xoxo) check his music here
Not gettin' enough? how fortune you are if you have Model Mayhem account, because you can see another hawt photos of him here
Gosh??? it wasn't enough? and....... *drum rolling.. here is his Facebook
okay... hope you're not melt by him.. see ya.. xoxo