The Missing April...

>> Friday, June 04, 2010

Did you remember "Girl+Girl+Girl = Color full" post? I've meet you with my partner in crime (read my partner in Fashion Interest) xoxo. One of them is Piya a.k.a Fitria Ayu, on Thuesday she asked me about her photo above.. "is my photo with my yellow over sized shirt already done Ben?''. I didn't remember which one caused too many photo of her on my computer and i hope i just already finished with the photo which she is mean. "I can't imagine what a big fire will burn my home when she was angry caused her photo didn't finished yet" *sigh.
Thanks God,... i find her photo finally. and i upload this photo then,... sorry this photo should posted on April, but i nearly lost this picture. I even contacted the fire department anyway =P