Inspiration... Pink and Pink?

>> Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Image Credit : The Sartorialist and Jak and Jil

OK, let's get started. What would you think, when you need to vary even if just for your daily performances? In the Details? color? or a different pattern? or even a combination of all three? Okay, as long as you have enough confidence. But it is sometimes difficult as a man to experiment with color, especially bright colors. Whereas light colors tend to make us younger, energetic, and full of spirit. Of course with the right mix and match. But the challenge today is "Have you ever wanted to wear pink?" Yeah right! Pink! Color is very sensitive I think. And identical to the cute girl. heheh .. but just think again! Pink is not just for girls anymore right? see what Scott and Tommy found, now, old or young, you certainly do not think twice anymore right? so, show me your "Pink!"

PS :
will be even better if you focus on one item of pink that you think could be a center point. Excessive impression not so = P