Feel like Summer..

>> Saturday, May 22, 2010

What your plan about your holidays? Beach? or Mountain? It's hard for us to decide about. One way, i want a sun shine to tan my skin into perfect summer boy's skin. At the same time my BFF's want to enjoy a fresh air in mountain. But Okays, i am not the type of person who likes to argue. I follow their choices then, What are you waiting for guys? heat the engine. I am ready! And yes! i have an idea to make some photo session with my BFF's there, meet Adjie Prasetya (again) haha too many post here is about his photo's but i promise i'll give you a new face for my next post. SSSsssstt she's my neighbor and a blogger too. I made an appointment to meet her soon. And make some photo session with her. I know that she can't wait as me for this challenge. CiayoOOuu! ^^
Hmm.. okay, you could think about a location right? i know, and i'm so sorry guys, this pict is such a accidently capturing photo's haha... on fact we (that me and him) is just can't wait to make a shoot caused the beautiful scenery at Colo. So Green and far away of the old car smoke. I believe that you feelin' as lovely as us to be here. The good news is Marz also with us here, so i trust him to capture some pict. That's mean i am not only the photographer now, but lil bit such an amateur models. Hhahahhaa no problem on fact, i can't make a killer pose like Adjie or Marz, better being a free photographer for them indeed.. *sigh give me your click for more photos
Rere and Marz enjoy the air.. and laughing... Love to shoot this. ^^
May be.. the title is come from here,,, ayayayayay, i act like we are at beach.. haha
okay... i never saw this plants before...
And the Blooper's....
And last..... but not least... we use timer mode for capture us... ^^