Crazy Little Thing Called Fashion

>> Thursday, June 02, 2011

FROM TOP TO LAST : The Gangsta, Rere & Marz, Marz (solo mode), Jojo from Shock Infection, and the last (but not least) ME!

yaiii finally i can post these photos after the long time to work for Rere's blog layout, (what do you think about it? *eh) and YES this is continuation of my sudden holiday photos as you seen on my previous post. So after the beautiful sunset, we have such a glorious seafood dinner at JSC. Which it a great place to find fresh fish, shrimp and squid. It was also the most sophisticated shopping place although not so sophisticated as here. But it become the wonderful night when Shock Infection rockin' the place with their skillful breakdance! yah Jojo told us that she will perform on JSC.

What a fun! We even never wonder to find such an urban entertaining in this city or crazy little thing called fashion (OMG we couldn't even find a departement store) caused we knew that this city is famous of its beach, sunset and others nature destination more. Its okay i though, because the bright side, i don't need to enter Brands or Designer stores in my super bore uniform, hehe. But like Jojo said on the backstage, "Lets Rawwwk 'em ya!"