Managing System

>> Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'M SO SORRY for lack of post guys, i know what an un-discipline blogger i'm. But YES, sometimes it was easier to manage another personal than our self. (uh) *sigh Got a project for manage Marz's and Rere's blog so i leave my own blog for a couple weeks to finish it all. Ah yah, i've lot of holiday photos with Marz Lie and Rere, and i promise i'll post it soon (of course!) But for now, there is the one and only ME, blogger who show you behind the desktop (well okay, on fact we are in front of it!) when we work on, and do you belive it guys? I got such an idea for begin the project after night out with them, struggle! hope you like this ;-)

PS : hope you don't so worry with the phone photo's quality enjoy ;-)