Where is My ELLE ?

>> Sunday, April 24, 2011

ABOVE is not my ELLE! yuph! its Rere's ELLE that I was forced to borrow from her caused for this month i use my money to buy such a super huge magazine (and abnormal price) just because I need the form of a contest include it. Well i didn't even subscribe magazine that i luv indeed, (trust me that so much easier to push the RSS button =p) its caused i think not all of their issue are interesting for me. I Choose to buy them one by one and from pick up point to another pick up point, for each monthly Issue. So, if in March i bought V-Magz, i might buy SUAVE, ELLE, TEEN VOGUE, ANOTHER, DAZED and CONFUSED, WALLPAPER or COSMOPOLITAN? (*eh) in another month then.

BUT will be different story when u want (or very want to) buy such an interesting Issue of your fave magz and the Issue and its already SOLD OUT! yuck! yuck! yuck! Its feel like i just too slow from the other adult-fashion-wannabe-gurl *geezzz

Gawwwwdeesss! belive me! its hard to find such a special Isuue with the special gift inside. But i pretty sure that i don't want for the gift, i interested with the Issue more than just a little ml of beauty product sample or goodie bag. Well the gift just make an increase sales figures and casual readers numbers, but how about the loyal readers? *sigh "Where is my ELLE?"

PS : Sorry for lores photo quality, and hmm,. hope one day all magz will make a compact size of their regular size magz, as ELLE done. I love this compact size caused its mobile-able anyway ;-) hihih