But She's Not a Balinese Girl

>> Monday, April 11, 2011

Photo captured by Marz Lie and Ino, Finishing Touch by Me, and Reza Rekha accidentally as Talent! yai!

Yesterday my bff Rere a.k.a Reza Rekha asked me about editing her photos above for image post on her blog purpose. Well, i done two photos for her already, and lets see, which one she'll choose? but btw the first is the best for me, its looks like she's still lookin' at lens on the 2nd photo isn't? *eh. So my dearest Rere, what's your comments?

PS :
1. It's such a gorgeous ear ornament dear, or its a real flower? Lemme mention, its must be Marz Ideas right? swooon!
2. Check out the Image Credits! (Voilla!!! i have a SUPER TEAM to make a such Private magazine?) just realize-ing now haha