Stop! We are not them,..

>> Friday, February 11, 2011

strangers by the day : Me, ino and Marz

"Awwwwwww"" SM*SH!!!!!!" that was the sounds of whole gurls screaming to us when we pass across them, *sigh. As we know that SM*SH being Hype on each media since they've upload their video on youtube. And Wow! unpredictable! their name is famous even more and more each day just caused numbers of haters gave outta control feed back to their video, YES! can you believe it? may be this is what we ever heard that "Haters is undercovered Fans" A lot of haters indeed but more of fans number too isn't? And Sincerely i'm a BIG fan of them also, yaiiiiii^^ it's just caused all of this boyband members was so young and cute !!!! xoxo, i love 'em all indeed! But will be different story when every young girl in this town looking at us and scream so load "Awwwww SM*SH!!!!!!!!" and they going mad then, and swarming over us. Hey gurl, it was unfair at all! we are not them, nat nat nat for sure.

And the worst is, they equate us with them in style. Noooo we couldn't accept this, especially me. It was long time, i got my style, long long looooong time before they've arise. Okay, fine,.. the bright side that i know if my face is sooo celebrity-able, but in other i felt like the second quality of them! *crab. I proud of what i have and my self,.. i want you to know me as me, my self and not as d'others *sigh. But hey,.. beside of my tears of this issue, i found this Jazz version of "I Heart You" by Funkoff on U-tube. This song so relax and sounds great i guess and became smoother, but SM*SH is unchangeable, i still heart you guys,.. Keep it up ^^

Ah ya, the photo above is on of million photos when we have a hanging out at one of Mall which all the gurl mad with SM*SH, more photos already edited and post on the fresh from d'oven fashion blog by my partner in crime Marz Lie who you can call him as twitter artist hahaha, He going mad with twitter since he create it. Good job Marz, glad for me to have a Friend in real and Blogsphere both! *smooch smooch smoch. And thats all guys,..... more photos will be post here soon.. one more time, i Love you SM*SH i love you more my readers, i know you know me so well =p *smoooooooch

PS : i've follow @morganoey one of my fave on SM*SH hiihihi you could follow him he's cute isn't?