A Post Card from UK...

>> Sunday, February 27, 2011

Technology move so fast, but Mike made this feeling back, ahhh,.. sometimes i miss this feel so bad, when you received a post card from your friend, and its passing so so far away distances? Yes! its feel like, you're very lovable person and special, especially its come trough your B'day. OH Mike, thanks you so much, i really appriciate, and its such the most worth gift for me, and your postcard is meaningful than a billions numbers of e-mail, inboxs, sms and comments. But overall, you all are also wonderful guys, thanks for all your spreading of love. Its motivate me for gettin' better and make a blog post often, once again thanks you. But for now, i'm still shock with my B'day surprises, lemme take a rehab first yah =p. Its too many endless night and sleepless day for party, i'll be back soon every one *smooch *smooch and ah ya, its looks like toys camera quality again but i believe you will be curious with another photos isn't? so please click

PS : I'll never use the postcard Mike, i'll collect it ( promise! ) and for the last Photo, hmmm i don't know but i feel that all people here want to know where to grab all the gorgeous post card and your photograph.
PSS : mail me anyone? ^^