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>> Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Stranger by the day : Marz Lie and Reza
Whoo hooo! how are you gurl???? and guys??? millions sory for yesterday that my blog going maintenance,.. ohhh ,.. i just want updating some feature and function on my blog so you could read and comment my blog better than ever. Thanks for you who following my twitter and everyone who give a lots of feedback and such a questions like "Why your blog couldn't open Ben?", "Why i can make a comment's on you post Ben?",.. Thank you so so so much, its really value for me to make my blog have a better interface. And as my blog, my body was down this week, Cold and Flue, i just tired with this extreame weather. Hope i'll get well soon and write a quality post as usual. And still check an error on this new layouts, tell me if you find some bug's. Ah yah,.. and i'm so sorry about the comments, but all of them not deleted at all they just overide with instant debate now,. so it's will make you easier to comments and easier for me to comment yu back caused "comment luv" plug-in there too ^^ how its will be fun right? And,.... Okay, Thats All for now,.. i need to take a rest ,... Love you all *smooooh (sniff sniff sniff)