>> Monday, January 17, 2011

Photograph by Saruwantara, Editing Touch by ME! Talent : Gigih Naufal Seno Aji

It's hard being a youth who "fashion lover to die for" here. Not only caused a rare numbers of designer's and their shop, but also how dare you to be such an "alien" surround those boring whole people. YES an alien thats walkin' down the street and lookin by almost all people along the road. And its even gettin worse in this extreame weather. Well, you know darls, how much i love fashion? This is difficult choice, between stay chic on the rain flood , and you just let your favorite Prada boots gettin' dirty and sick? or just giving up with this weather and being normal like a whole people? oh come on, .. it's not even an option!

Lucky me, to have a real inspiring bff Ino, he gave me such a great option. From his photograph above we know that he wearing .... .. oh wait, okay, don't ask him about the brand or what, because as long as i know him, he is addicted with Distro items and such an Indie or Local Band inspired, but sometimes K - POP too, (this is a connector between me and him). Such a smart suggestion for me, yes he said that nothing better than wearing those distro stuff for our lovely extreame weather here (-__-") , besides the low prices of its, there is good even hi-quality and limited design! Excelent! But one thing, its not even a reason for me for felling free wear it on flood and daily rains here right? for me, its not about how you can buy it, wear it, and make it ruin! nat, nat like that! i also collect my fashion stuff too. I won't let it happen, even on my low prices stuff too, but,,, at least the sacrifice will felt less than i wearin my ZARA sneakers on the wet and muddy roads, flooding also.

Taken in Bandung, where its such a paradise for fashion and distro lovers (and food hunters also). Place where culture meets custom modern urban style, and just here you could find SALE everyday or you'll very interesting with buy one get two three promo when Kick Fest held. I'm a BIG fans of this event, and frequent attend also. If you may inspired with the photo above, Bandung is the great one to find all stuff you need to get the look! Sometimes, if you wear it right and more excelent than the real indie rock star, may someone there or the sales promotion girl a.k.a SPG will asking you about your signature then. I swear!!! it's happened to us when we were there. And you should try your self guys!!!

PS : Ino asking me about How to make my photos look's like on Suave Magz editorial? And i made it on second and third photos then, what do you think? good? or amaze? =P