Open FB = Shopping????????

>> Monday, December 20, 2010

Image Courtesy : my Facebook
"You are what you tweet" may be this quotes is true, and also be valid with your Facebook updates. Yes, so far i tweet about fashion and also update status and share all bout fashion and VOILAA!!! there is so many photos which it tagged with my profile and offering me some product such this cool "scarfed tees" (what the macth name for this tee??? ) Yap! just like that! Everytime i open my FB account feel like i open all "auto personal stylist shopping guide site" (already have yours no?) which it offering all we need (but sometimes its not really what i need). Targeted and lots number of potentially market, What a Smart Idea! I even frequent shop with this FB tagging online shop. Here is one of my fave for your reference, considering i really fall with K-POP style. *due this case, i think Mark Zuckerberg need to apply some charges =p
Have a guhreat monday!!!!!!!!!