Inspiration, Rockouture...

>> Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wholla! I found a treasure! proudly present to you, "Rockouture" that i call "Male Garance" may i?? well just sayin' i am. But as you knew, i'd like to share you a promising fashion blogger to you, that i believe, if more people know about them, they also could be famous as our Fashion GURU. I'd love to pulling out and support each other, all blogger around the world, but This! could be the worth one, besides the less number of "Young", and "Male" Indonesian Fashion Blogger. Yes darl, it was a very very Good News he's an Indonesian.

His blog shown us his illustration, and he do it SUPERB even very Gorgeous one. Inspired by the Glam worldwide runways and transform become cute by him, you can see the illustration above guys ^^ so cute right? and he's so humble *i think, because he don't put his personal style inside the blog, but what a surprise in His LookBook acc. Well i just speechless, caused he told me (and us) that a man can be looks so cute as well, u don't even need to workout at gym for gettin a masculine posture anymore. *just sayin'