Double Trouble...

>> Friday, July 16, 2010

It was my first time to meet with Arvie, one of my Fashion Blogger neighborhood. She's kinda sweet girl and down to earth. So unpredictable for me to meet her in cloudy Sunday afternoon. And what a kind girl she is. It start from i've invite her into lookbook and Voila! we looks like known each other in thousand years and mad with fashion YES WE ARE! aahahah give me click

Hmmm Okay.... i'm nerveous... =p.
Okay... thanks to can check her blog here. Hope we can make more looks each other and thanks to beloved Ino also, for the costume, XOXO. And do not forget my beloved readers, please... score my set on Hypeed. hope i'll be the winner and the prices can use for my giveaway for you, *caused all the price is dedicated for girl only *sigh
well, all that and so much more... see ya readers... L.O.V.E...... muaaaaa...