Uh Oh! Diet!

>> Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hoammm,,,, Yaiii!!!! it was a long time i left my blog. But noW! i'm back darla! sorry for leavin' you, i cud done so many task this week. And got a lil stress caused blogger template designer, but thanks God, what a lucky guy i am for have a tweet Bff who the expert in html, css and Java Script and SimSala!!!! all is just solved! Hmm so.. what i have for you now? Diet.. yeah. D.I.E.T.
I just don't know why so many girl want to do that? They don't touch their breakfast, Say no to carbo, drank Low fat Milk and blah blah blah. However being skinny is better indeed but curve body is fine right? FYI : i've eat meals, egg and high protein milk and train my body to gym four times a week but it's hard to gain my body, i think i was born to be a skinny guy *sigh. And i don't know why i do that too, just like what a girl do diet for?The answer is could be models body shape, all of us want to have such a model thin or mascular body. Even some of you might be willing to do plastic surgery to get the model body shape. SAY YES! we want wearable and all cloths is looking good on us. But Fashion is not about how you can change your body shape with plastic surgery, but how we could avoid it. It's not fair darla. FYI (again) : this is just whats on my mind when one of my partner in crime (read : my BFF) ordering diet menu for our diner, start form potatoes donut, and orange squash (for diet?) capede, God.......whats life?????
we are sorry for the waiters, caused we are be there till the Cafe closed (why your Cafe was so cozy? haha) , it was so late...and im back to home so late... and sorry about the photo quality, it's just captured by Nokia 5800 X-press music... xoxo