Thanks from Mr. Gabbana?

>> Friday, May 07, 2010

Hmm... you can call me Mr. Lebay ( read: Mr. Too Much ) or whatever caused i write this post. But...., it's all about what i feel when i tweeting about such a God Father of Fashion Stefano Gabbana, the long life girl about the town (or The Woman about the Town) Anna Dello Russo, and the lovable ones Bryan boy. Then one of them mentioned me. Do you know who? I know this is too hard for you to believe in. But on fact, Mr. Stefano Gabbana said "thanks" on twitter to me! Uh Oh! What a facinated BIG fans i am? Then i directly upload the print screen image results on TwitPic, you can check here. Yeah, i might too much. But i need an evidence right? haha.., and anyway i also remember about this Dolce & Gabbana Men's Spring/Summer 2010 Show Backstage video. Never bored with Domenico & Stefano's Angels, especially in backstage, all of the Angels ( read: models ) shown their natural beauty, and suite ( pretty face and firm ab's). What about next summer? I just can't wait for it.

PS : My favorite Backstage is from D&G and Versace, and i've subscribe it on Youtube, but i can't find Versace's offical on Youtube. Can you tell me?
and don't forget! you can saying "hi" on their F people twitter account it's following @stefanogabbana, @annadellorusso, and @bryanboy. come come ^^