We Got a Treasure! (Envelope Wallet)

>> Sunday, April 11, 2010

Okay! This is it! an "Envelope Wallet" which it found by me, Piya, and Marz last week. We seek this awesome stuff from one outlet to another outlet by our feet and just burn our fat directly ( other worthy indeed) . It was a long time i searching for this item, so unique and chic as The News Paper Bag, but the bad news is it's for girl only! Whot?? not unisex wallet??? Poor me!! TT. But it's okay hunny, you can order this cool and must have item only at IDR 62000 plus shipping. Get one now!!! you can Email me and also contact my partner in crime (hihihihi) Fitria Ayu, and Fita. Send your complete address and your order detail then =) . Give me your click for more pic.

thanks for your order, see ya on next stuff ^^
Let's shop with love....