Street Style Selection #April

>> Thursday, April 01, 2010

Welcome to April, finally after i passed the most busy March, and i can't update my blog as often as usual caused it. But i swear i keep track of fashion development, especially on fashion blogosphere. And i love to blog walking to my favorite street style blog when i need inspiration and getting bore in my office. I always be there and got relax for a while, and i belive you should. So here is my street style selection from my longest journey trough the internet fashionista's *drum rolling please.. =) 1. by Jak n Jill, 2. by The Sidewalk is a Runway, 3. by The Sartorialist.
1. by The Sartorialist 2. by T magz, 3. by google search ( i forgot) 4. by Hanneli Mustaparta
1. by The Sartorialist, 2. on , 3. by Yvan
i do Love them so bad..... =) . What about you darla????