My back...

>> Monday, April 19, 2010

Hi readers, how are you? Hmm... hopefully not as bad as me today *sigh. Do you ever came so late to your work space? No alarm, no Ke$ha's Tik Tok for ringtone and no body cares, are you work today or not? Okay, nothing was wrong, but why i do love my job even i don't have my week end for it? Sorry for post this unsuitable photo guys. But sometimes this is my emergency costume/look when i was so late (in weekend). No boot's, no Cardi or V-neck, and no camera??? Oh My oddin! Fortunately my partner in crime (read : my cowokers and BFF) Marz brought it *breathe freely. But the bad news is i got my back captured by him.

"Hey you!" "yes you!" "why you didn't ask me if you want shoot me?" "I can give you more better pose than my back only". "Don't be shy, i won't bite you.."
hahahah. But anyway, i love kinda paparazzi shoot like this. thanks lovers... mumumuwa..