You Got My "HYPE" #050210

>> Friday, February 05, 2010

Jordan Paul Day

Today, i open my LB account and looking for another consciousness look's which it specified for me and my taste. It was so hard, almost all look's in is just Moi. As you seen on my previous post, that my habit to "HYPE" more than one look's. But yai!!! i want more selective! We know that LB user is more creative now. When LB was begin LB is just inspired from The Sartorialist blog, which it's user mostly post their look's live down from the street. Then? J' Adore all LB members! they make LB more color full with such a look's above. Jordan make this look's kinda one of BIG Brand's Campaign. What are you thinking about??? Dolce & Gabbana??? Hmm,.. Could be. And the way he editing his look's! Oh my.... so unpredictable! it's just complete the vintage taste for his stuff. Did you feel the Sierra Nevada here? Absolutely!