B' day..

>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yai!! Today is my B'day... hihihi.. I guess I will not get a surprise from my friend, first they nonchalantly and made my day seemed boring. But it turned out, behind me they were preparing a small party - piecemeal and not miss a gift for my birthday of course. Yesterday afternoon after I got home from work. By reason of taking Marz's jacket was left at Rere's House. Apparently they prepare everything. But there is a strange, where my birthday cake? Yeah, there's no cake but there is a BIG Brownies that i must eat alone until they run out. "Who's idea?" I asked them. And in unison they replied "Papah Saurus" and I nodded and then eat a large brownies alone.

I think no matter if at all - once I eat too much sweet, though satiation but at least I get Ripcurl short as my birthday present. thank's friend's