Nu Chic Couple

>> Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Vogue China!!!! Yiipie! always love to see Du Juan in Vogue China, she's alway great! and NOW! for this month! she's paired with the handsome one Philip Huang. Very Charm and Chic!
Thank's full for Ling Wu for briliant casting =)

The Highlight is denim pants and the statement bag! Gurl i tell ya. Grab them all for your casual Spring!

Still from Vogue China. Not only in the wardrobe departement but the make up successfully impressed me.. on the great White Light Issue under. And wacha say about her eye? FRESH and FUTURED! "Are You Still belive in Smokie eyes?" =P

Okay .. for last i just can't wait for Vogue Indonesia. There is Fashion TV Indonesia ready. So how about Vogue?? ..... *sigh