Cute Stuff, Low Price!

>> Sunday, December 27, 2009

flat or heels??? which one??

Louis Vuitton bag?

Stop talking about branded stuff! this pict is taken by Fita. She have a holiday in Bandung, and Oh God.... i don't know why she tag me on this pict in FB??? hmmmphh but i know what she's mean.

Ben.. nih tasnya bagus² loooo..... kamu nitip gak...
hmmph okay, i'm agree with her that all those stuff is cute and only cost under IDR 60.000,- ??
Amazing!!!! but.. did you see the Louis Vuitton bag??? Uh oh! is almost a big aw aw aw.... can you belive it? only IDR 60.000,- an???? *disappointed, i just bought the same bag and cost USD 153,- ready. *sigh