Let's Wearing Batik - We Love Batik

>> Friday, October 02, 2009

thank's to Mbak pake batik today...

Thank's for Omesh wore batik today..

*UNESCO is to announce its recognition of batik as a unique hallmark of Indonesian heritage today!!!. President Susilo Yudhoyono of Indonesia has long prepared a warm welcome for this, appealing to Indonesia's 235 million-strong population to wear batik today as a sign of support for Indonesian culture.

Gosh... i need a my camera ASAP!!!! anyway.. my camdig was broke. I can't capture my self wore Batik today... T-T . Should i use my Cell Phone again???

So for you all ... Let's Wearing Batik Today! If you wear Batik and want share your pict here.. feel free to email your look's with Batik to me at semuasukabeny@hotmail.com.

Let's support, Let's wearing Batik, We love Batik ^______^