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>> Wednesday, August 05, 2009

from The Sartorialist *Scott Schuman, i chose this one for this week! hahah.. always love a man without skiny jeans! *i ever told u about my bad memoriam with a skiny jeans! (read my preveous post), and look at his shoes !!! ouhh.. i'll search this item!
*satu hal yang bikin gue penasaran sampe saat ini, mengapa cowo² Madrid, Milan, Paris masih bisa keliatan cool and M.A.C.H.O A.k.a yah, even they wore extreamely fashion item yang kadang hampir kaya busana cewe??? *wondering².... just like the man above!!!!!
Dan bukan hanya dari The Sartorialist for today i'll proudly present to you

Drise Van Noten - Fall - Winter 2009 - (Paris Ready to Wear)

and here is ABan Godrick da next coolest person on my FB!!!! meet him here! =)

Love his Street look at da 1st pic, and for da 2nd pic! *sebenarnya gak terlalu suka sih ama photo yang terlalu photoshoped! but.........., posenya ituh loooo....... ck ck ck....
Congratulation yah Aban!

Satu lagi!!!! i love this Gaucho Large Laptop Bag!!!
*saatnya nabung! tapi kalw ada yang udagh megang duit $299.99
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enjoy ur day