Chic On Classic Bike? She Got It!

>> Monday, August 03, 2009

Somethin' wrong with my bike today, da wheel's are not spining as ussual, needed alot of energy to swing da pedalt! Oucth so poor me become late to office. I think i need to buy a new bike, but i'll say no to F! sport bike! yeah it's sucessfully made me sweaty today , huuftt. Hmm .. this pict inspire me then. A classic Vintage bike! indonesian people usually call it "Sepeda Onto" hohoho
but absolutely i need a time to lookin for this bike, where to buy here??? and .. about the prices is needed i though first... hmm just wait.. Come to Momma "sepeda Onto"... or if i didn't find it then, City bike can be another choises i think. And i chary to use sport mountain bike gain, im preety sure.....................
oOp's i'm forgot! anyway.... da scarf and hot pants jeans are so mwah mwah mwah..