Show Off !!! Ashton Kutcher on Twitpic.

>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

Morning!!!!!! atleast not too late for today!!!! xoxo... as usuall i started d's morning within read my fave magz Cosmopolitan *even d's magz is published for woman only! but i like it hohoho..
for a minute i've read it.... and Voilla!!! i've found the article with the tiltle is "What u need in this summer?" and one of da list is Ashton Kutcher account on Twitter! yes!! iam already have a twitter account too! =) ayayayayayyyyy.....'
*@aplusk* just send ur messege to his status update! who knows he'll replay's urs! xoxo...

and.. what abaut d's pic ben???
hmm... nothin' but gue suka cara dai meng combine kemeja pink *wow ternyata suka warna "pink" juga! LOL dan.. apa ituh mas Asthon???? Cardigan??? Hoodie?? ahh apalah ituh pokoknya outfit muh! mate enough and it made u look's gergous mas! wkwkwkw
>> another else he told as about his new fave shoes here is

walla! keren juga sepatu barunya! but sorry.. gue lebih suka sneakers *it might be caused im younger than him , jadi selera beda! tapi corak dan kombinasi warna coffe nya keren and classy
"HYPE" xoxo.... thank's for show off ying' ure shoes mas Asthon! :P